Friday, June 17, 2011


Preface: This is an email I just received from Chas.  If you don't have a Chas, I suggest you get one.

Sean: A million thanks for covering the packing/shipping today. Despite what I hear, you're a stand-up dude.

I'll be studying in a coffeeshop like a hipster most all day today. Feel free to holler at me through one of the following approved methods:

1. SMS
2. electronic mail
3. telefon anrufen
4. telegram, stop.
5. homing pidgeon--i left one in the shipping room.

Stephen and Rob, same goes for you--let me know if you need anything. Stephen, I'll hammer out some CRM's today, too.

Suck it nerds, 




  1. Hahaha... who's Chas? I like the little thing at the end about Portland.

  2. Chas is the coolest cat on this side of the city. He also works here at mp3Car